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SAP Lumira Essentials

My first experience with SAP Lumira was when it has another name - Visual Intelligence. In that time every analytical vendor try to copy Tableau. It is a kind of user friendly, intuitive drag and drop things. It really works with Tableau, however not so good with other vedors. Any way SAP constantly update their product and try to improve it. 

My personal opinion, that there are only two BI leaders on the market Tableau and Microstrategy. The idea is simple - these companies have only one product, they don't sell databases, ERP systems and etc, as a result they really care about quality of their product. I don't want to compare these two leaders, I believe they serve for diffrent purpose and I would like to have both of this product in company.

Let's come back to Lumira. I like that it gives me opportunity to use SAP BO universes, this is the main advantage. Moreover, it has an option to create nice visualizations and infografic. But I dont think that it is standalone product. It is just a good addition staff for SAP BO Enterprise. 

Anythey, I had a chance to write a book about Lumira in order to help business users, who need to work with it, very quickly understand this product and learn through practical exercises.

There is a book:

About This Book

  • Create a powerful data discovery experience with the advanced capabilities of SAP Lumira
  • Find business insights in your data through data blending, wrangling, transformation, and visualization
  • A fast-paced guide packed with hands-on practical examples, real-world solutions, and best practices to get you started with SAP Lumira

Who This Book Is For

If you are a SAP user, business analyst, BI developer, or a junior data engineer who wants to use SAP Lumira to build creative visualizations, this book is for you. You should have a reasonable level of knowledge of SAP Business Objects and its components.

What You Will Learn

  • Deploy SAP Lumira on your computer and learn more about the SAP Lumira interface
  • Extract data from different sources using SAP Lumira's data connecters
  • Prepare, filter, clean, and format your data
  • Discover visualization techniques and data discovery methods
  • Administrate and customize SAP Lumira to get basic knowledge of its SDK
  • Create various charts to deliver fantastic data visualizations
  • Connect to SAP BusinessObjects BI Platform and SAP HANA to extract, prepare, and visualize data

In Detail

SAP Lumira allows you to combine data from multiple sources into a single view and create engaging visualizations quickly and easily. It is a reporting platform that helps users access data and independently perform analysis. With the increasing interest in data discovery, self-service BI, and visualization around the world, tools like SAP Lumira help to eliminate the complexities of analyzing and discovering data.
Learn data discovery techniques, build amazing visualizations, create fantastic stories, and share your visualizations through an electronic medium with one of the most powerful tools around―SAP Lumira.
You will begin with an overview of the SAP Lumira family of products. You will then go through various data discovery techniques using real-world scenarios of an online e-commerce retailer through detailed recipes on the installation, administration, and customization of SAP Lumira. Next, you will work with data, starting from acquiring data from various data sources, then preparing and visualizing it using the rich functionality of SAP Lumira. Finally, you will present data via a data story or infographic and publish it across your organization or on the World Wide Web.

Style and approach

This is a step-by-step guide to learning SAP Lumira essentials packed with examples on real-world problems and solutions.

PS I even got my first review:)
1 of 1 people found the following review helpful By Katie Wolterman on December 11, 2015
Format: Paperback
I'm about midway through the ebook edition of the book and I have found it to be quite helpful. We are still in the middle of our implementation of SAP ByDesign so there is only a limited amount of data to work with, but through reading this book we have come up with some new ideas on how to utilize Lumira to better present our data to our suppliers, clients and employees. The instructions and exercises (you can download the files from the publisher website) are clear and well illustrated. Since we are a reseller whose clients are retailers, the fake company used for examples in the book had some examples which also worked for us. Overall recommended for people who have knowledge in core SAP platforms or BusinessObjects and are interested in making more attractive charts and graphs that come in the vanilla package.