пятница, 15 января 2016 г.

CA Erwin macros

CA Erwin offers us list of macros which can make our life easy. Let's meet them:

%AttName - attribute name
%AttDomain - logical domain name
%ColName - column name
%ColDomain - physical domain name
%EntityName - entity name of the current entity
%EntityProp (UDP Name) entity UDP value of the same name specified
%Lower - puts the object name in lower case
%OwnerEntity - name of the entity that ownes the current attribute
%TableProp (UDP Name) table UDP value of the name specifified
%TableName - table name
%Upper - puts the object name in upper case

Let's look on particular example. For example, we can create new domain Last Name. It could be Student Last Name, Employer Last Name or etc.

The advantage of domain that we can reuse one object many times. It is simply saves time and increases productivity and quality of data models.

We just use macro: %Lower (%OwnerEntity %AttDomain)