пятница, 8 января 2016 г.

Learning Hunk

I would like to share infromation about my book which was written by me and my ex colleague Sergey Sheypack who is an expert with Hadoop. We try to consolidate information about Hunk and teach people how to use it throuhg technical exercises starting from downloading software. As a data source we used Hadoop Cloudera, Amazon Elastic Map Reduce and Mongo Db.

Hunk is good, but not perfect. It works fine, till you want to do something out of the box. As a result we recommend to have java developer who can fix all isuess:) But you know, that splunk is a great company and I belive soon they will burst Hunk and it will become the leader on the market.

There is our book:

About This Book

  • Explore your data in Hadoop and NoSQL data stores
  • Create and optimize your reporting experience with advanced data visualizations and data analytics
  • A comprehensive developer's guide that helps you create outstanding analytical solutions efficiently

Who This Book Is For

If you are Hadoop developers who want to build efficient real-time Operation Intelligence Solutions based on Hadoop deployments or various NoSQL data stores using Hunk, this book is for you. Some familiarity with Splunk is assumed.

What You Will Learn

  • Deploy and configure Hunk on top of Cloudera Hadoop
  • Create and configure Virtual Indexes for datasets
  • Make your data presentable using the wide variety of data visualization components and knowledge objects
  • Design a data model using Hunk best practices
  • Add more flexibility to your analytics solution via extended SDK and custom visualizations
  • Discover data using MongoDB as a data source
  • Integrate Hunk with AWS Elastic MapReduce to improve scalability

In Detail

Hunk is the big data analytics platform that lets you rapidly explore, analyse, and visualize data in Hadoop and NoSQL data stores. It provides a single, fluid user experience, designed to show you insights from your big data without the need for specialized skills, fixed schemas, or months of development. Hunk goes beyond typical data analysis methods and gives you the power to rapidly detect patterns and find anomalies across petabytes of raw data.
This book focuses on exploring, analysing, and visualizing big data in Hadoop and NoSQL data stores with this powerful full-featured big data analytics platform.
You will begin by learning the Hunk architecture and Hunk Virtual Index before moving on to how to easily analyze and visualize data using Splunk Search Language (SPL). Next you will meet Hunk Apps which can easy integrate with NoSQL data stores such as MongoDB or Sqqrl. You will also discover Hunk knowledge objects, build a semantic layer on top of Hadoop, and explore data using the friendly user-interface of Hunk Pivot. You will connect MongoDB and explore data in the data store. Finally, you will go through report acceleration techniques and analyze data in the AWS Cloud.

Style and approach

A step-by-step guide starting right from the basics and deep diving into the more advanced and technical aspects of Hunk.