пятница, 25 октября 2013 г.

SAP Lumira error could not load the selected universe Unable to connect to service WebiPlugin.WebiSession from server

I want to try SAP Lumira. I connected successful, however i can't open universe and get error:

Unable to connect to service WebiPlugin.WebiSession from server

It is easy to fix it.
SAP Lumira tries to connect to WebIntelligenceProcessingServer, and if you are monitoring ports which are using by Lumira you can notice that it tries to connect via dynamic ports. We have to assign specific port for each WebIntelligenceProcessingServers in CMC.

In addition, ask your system administrator to open it in your enterprise firewall.

вторник, 22 октября 2013 г.

SAP BO 4.1 Error Object failed to run due to an error while processing on the Job Server

 I tried to schedule huge report in CSV and get error:
 Object failed to run due to an error while processing on the Job Server

In addition, i looked at logs:
 ***ERROR (vmError.cpp:2356): java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: Java heap space

Now we need to add addition memory. But here is tricky one because in CMC in properties of Adaptive Job Server we have only one parameter - MaxPermamentSpace:

-javaargs Djava.awt.headless=true,Dcom.businessobjects.mds.cs.ImplementationID=csEX,XX:MaxPermSize=512m,Dbusinessobjects.connectivity.directory=...

We have to add Xmx12g ( i added 12 Gb, but we can start from 2g, 4g)
-javaargs Djava.awt.headless=true,Dcom.businessobjects.mds.cs.ImplementationID=csEX,XX:MaxPermSize=512m,Xmx12g,Dbusinessobjects.connectivity.directory=

Just restart server and schedule report.

SAP BO 4.1 Error Maximum binary output size limit reached

I tried to schedule Web Intelligence report and get result in CSV but I got error.
This type of error we can fix by changing parameters in CMC.

 Maximum binary output size limit reached. Contact your BusinessObjects administrator. (Error: ERR_WIS_30271)

We can easy fix it. Just change settings of Web Intelligence Processing Server:

Just change on 2000.

четверг, 3 октября 2013 г.

SAP BO 4.0 update to SAP BO 4.1 on Linux

It is quite easy to perform update.

Firstly, go to service.sap.com log on and download update - SAP BusinessObjects BI Platform Servers 4.1 - Update 

Only this patch is suitable for update.

Then copy to our Linux Server for example via WinSCP and then exact .tgz archive

#tar -xpzf BIPLATSVR4100_0-20010869.TGZ

среда, 2 октября 2013 г.

SAP BO 4 Explorer Can't apply the object level security

I created Information Space and tried to give access to the user. But user got error:

Solution for this problem:

In the CMC, you will need to give the user permissions to the Universe Connection object.

Log into CMC > click on "Connections"
Navigate to the connection object, right click on the connection name and choose "User Security"
Click Add Principle and either add the user or a group the user belongs to.  Click "Add and assign security"
Choose the "View" access level and move to the right side.  Choose OK.

In addition check rights in Application Tab and last one - rights on folder, where report. I could fix it when i gave full right on folder.

PS If you have SP6 pls. update to SP7.