понедельник, 24 июня 2013 г.

Tableau Software Technical Case 2 States by Strike Count

What are the top states in which strikes occur?

Our map from the previous exercise is great at telling in which states the most strikes have occured. However, a map is not the best way to see the precise order of most to least. A bar chart is a good way of visualising a ranked list, or as a way to reveal highs and lows. Generally, a bar chart is a safe choice as a good way to visualize quantitative information that can be compared.

So we're not reproducing work, go ahead and duplicate your map by right clicking the tab at the bottom and clicking "duplicate." Then, drop down the show me menu and select bar chart. Hover your mouse over the bar labeled "N/A" and select exclude. Then, drag "Cost - Total $" from measures to the color shelf. Finally, sort this chart so the states with the largest entries at the top by clicking the one-click sort button on the action bar below the menu options (it looks like three bars with an arrow on the side going down). If you wish, you can also edit the color palette displayed in the same way we did for our map.