пятница, 28 июня 2013 г.

SAP BO 4 - BI Launchpad error dummt.action.Mobile_Document_Properties

I got problem with SP6, and I decided to uninstall SP6.
After this operation I got problem, when I click right button on web intelligence report:


I got the problem, because Tomcat left old cash from SP6.

1. Go to the wdeploy directory in the BusinessObjects directory
2. Check that the config.tomcat6 file points to the right location
3. Run the following command: wdeploy.bat tomcat6 deployall
4. Attempt to log into the CMC

If this fails, then try redeploying the WAR file once again, without
using wdeploy as follows:

1. Stop Tomcat
2. Go to the Tomcat Web App directory (usually C:\Program Files\SAP
3. Delete the BOE directory - this gets re-deployed by tomcat due to
the BOE.xml file in tomcat\conf\Catalina\localhost\.
4. Go to the Tomcat Work directory (usually C:\Program Files\SAP
BusinessObjects\Tomcat\work) and continue down to Catalina\localhost.
5. Delete the BOE directory - this gets recreated on startup.
6. Start Tomcat
7. Wait a few minutes while Tomcat recreates the directory and
regenerates it's cache.
8. Attempt to log into the CMC.