четверг, 15 октября 2015 г.

The most effective tool for creating dashboard

We have wonderful dashboard in our openspace. I highly reccomend to use this cloud software for consolidation of various KPIs, SLAs and etc.

Let's meet Klipfolio you can quickly to try demo and build your own clips based on your data.

It works very easy. Let's look foundation of klipfolio.
1. Connect your data
Automated data retrieval from 1000s of data services (with more added every day).
Klipfolio is backed by a simple, flexible data architecture. That means you can upload any data source to the dashboard, automate its retrieval, and use (and reuse) that data to build visualizations and dashboards for your team.

 Forget the confusing schemas and intimidating data warehouses. From uploading your data to using it to create visualizations, there is no step in between to complicate matters (and no need to hire a team of developers to get started). Just upload your raw data to start using it to create a visualization.
 Data and presentation are treated separately in Klipfolio which was harder for us, but easier and better for you. Here's why it's better: You can use a single data source to create multiple data visualizations, or use multiple data sources to create a single visualization. What you do with your data is entirely up to you.
By default, all web accessible resources are set to automatically refresh every 30 minutes, but you can boost that up to every minute for real-time data sources. If Klipfolio detects a change in your data, your dashboard will automatically update.

Of course, you can always leverage the Klipfolio API to automate the retrieval of any other data source.

2. Visualize your data
Bring the story of your data to life with custom visualizations.

Everyone loves a good story. Stories have the ability to teach memorable lessons, change behaviour, and inspire action. With Klipfolio Dashboard, you get all the tools you need to bring the story of your performance to life with clear, compelling visualizations.
And you can bet that it's a story that will motivate your data-driven team.

Klipfolio includes 15 different types of visualizations so you can choose a visualization that will have the maximum impact on your dashboard.