вторник, 27 октября 2015 г.

Adjust Implementation

Going deeper with mobile tracking, I start to look at new mobile trackers. And chose one of the leader - adjust. In order to implement adjust to our mobile apps, we should add SDK to the mobile app.

First of all we should read docs:
  • Getting Started https://docs.adjust.com/en/getting-started/
  • Event Tracking https://docs.adjust.com/en/event-tracking/
  • Tracke Generation https://docs.adjust.com/en/tracker-generation/
  • Integration with facebook https://docs.adjust.com/en/facebook/
  • Google ad tracking https://docs.adjust.com/en/google/

For mobile developers we should send link on github:
  • Github repo https://github.com/adjust/sdks

Then add our application to adjust by typing App ID:

In addition we should describe screens of app and events. If we want to send additional dimensions or attributes we should use callbacks. Because due to personal data law, adjust don't store customer data.
  • Working with callbacks https://docs.adjust.com/en/callbacks/

In order to create callback receiver, we should tell to system administrated, what fields will come from adjust. We can learn about default placeholders - https://partners.adjust.com/placeholders/

For example:

Then we should create events in adjust interface:

It has default events and we add some custom, Every custom event has unique token which we will give to mobile developer. Attributes should be connected to event. For example, registration event has account number and account type attributes. There is callback URL on the screen. We should put there link of callback server and list of placeholders in format key={value}. Adjust will replace value.

When mobile developers successful add SDK to the app, they can emulate activity and we can open adjust dashboard in order to see new events. Adjust has two environments. We can test, using SANDBOX in order not to mix with real data.

Going to statistics tab we can look at on default and custom events:

It is interesting fact, but install in mobile tracker it is just first launch. There is no integration with stores.

In addition we can look on events across channels or look at trends:

In order to create acquisition channel, we should go to App tab and click at "New tracker", adjsut will create link. And we can easy add to this link placeholders and custom parameters in order to collect this data in database.

Also it allows us to use cohort menu. For example, we can quickly to build retention profile:

Finally, we can look at rank and rating of mobile app. Unfortunately, we can extract this information from adjust.