вторник, 1 сентября 2015 г.

Adjsut vs Appsflayer

As a part of digital transformation we are focusing on mobile applications and try to acquire new users into mobile phone. As you know there are several strategy can exist:

  1. Web Only
  2. Web 1st, mobile 2nd
  3. Mobile 2st, web 2nd
  4. Mobile 1st 
Just look at this chart from ComScore:
It is clear that all companies should focus on digital and don't forget about mobile consumers/clients.

One of important option, that I want from mobile tracker - integration with facebook, tweeter and advertising networks. As a result, I got 2 finalists: Adjsut and Appsflyer.

There is short comparison, why Adjsut is a winner:

1. SDK: Adjust SDK is open source resource, it helps to see how is the interaction with the application and what information is read from the application. So, this mean that all data is only your and not transferred to third parties. Adjsut support all major platforms such as Windows Phone, Unity, Adobe Air, Cordova and soon Unreal, Cocos2DX and Xamarin.

2. Data privacy: Adjust is a certificated that guarantees complete privacy of data during transmission between servers. Adjsut decided to make an open source code is because they want that their customers to see what's going on with their data. So all data is encrypted using SSL and licensed using the best Software. Adjust transmits all the data you and thus encodes it on our side with SSL method that does Appsflyer. So as Appsflyer stores data in raw format, on its side that does not correspond to the data privacy and you do not know what they do with them.

3. Reporting: Adjust provides real time reporting and data filtering to 4 levels of this skill in the structure of the campaign, from the traffic and the resource sub campaign. Compared with Appsflyer they only have 2 leveles (resource and campaign). Appsflyer cohort analysis very limited in retention analysis may see only the last 12 days retention. Adjust cohorts no limit viewing of data and especially retention, customers can select the dynamic by various filters, period, segments and apply certain events to the analysis of a cohort.

4. Retargeting: Adjust retargeting supports all reattribution on any platform on the market as Criteo, Facebook, Twitter, TapCommerce, etc. AppsFlyer only supports reattribution for Facebook.

5. Data export: You can download the whole data with adjust to csv format, and you can choose what data you want to upload. Appsflyer provides only 3 pre-formulated report and not one of them does not disclose evena on install date. Export date of cohorts have also not possible.

6. Callback parameters: Adjust as the same may send an unlimited number of parameters in the callback to server, and support for custom parameters (for example the login user on different devices). Appsflyer not support custom settings at all. In order to look at full list of defaul parameters, you can visit https://partners.adjust.com/placeholders/

7. Deeplinking: Deeplinking adjust offers to both, reengagments and user acquisition campaigns. In our case, there is no difference, the application has already pumped or not we support deeplinking and new users. Appsflyer deeplinking provides only for applications that have already been uploaded to the phone, and always carries a gun on the Side and not a specific page in the application.

8. Pricing: Adjust's possible to look like the first but even then they pay for install not make them cheaper, the more it touches the very customers that lead many campaigns on Facebook, Twitter and iAd. In this case adjust may be up to 4 times cheaper than Appsflyer. Appsflyer billing goes once a week, and adjust at once a month, and note that the price of install much higher than adjust.

  • Adjust prices:

  • Appsflyer prices:

9. Retention: The ability to look at retention users for any period of time. Adjsut haven't restrictions and Appsflyer retention may see only until the 12th day.

10. Creatives: One of adjust levels of this skill has a tracking creatives and their optimization. Appsflyer does not provide the ability to track and analyze creatives.

11. Support: Adjsut provide a full support service and documentation + as the works for a support Appsflyer in Israel, it means that they have a weekend on Friday when we have workday. :)

12. API: In case if you want work with API, then Adjust can offer only starting from Business Pro.