понедельник, 2 июня 2014 г.

SAP BO on Windows 7

I decided to install SAP BO 4.1 SP3 on Windows 7, however I got error, that I can't perform installation on Windows 7 and I need at least Windows Server 2008.

But you can easily jump this barrier and install SAP BO on your laptop with Windows 7. From my experience, you need at least 4 Gb RAM.

How to do it:

Go to 
And modify xml file product.seed.xml. I've done it via notepad++. You can do it even in notepad.

Find this part:

<prerequisite id="getWindowsVersionPreReq 2" description="#prereq.WindowsServerVersionPreReqText#" reason="#prereq.WindowsServerVersionPreReqNotOkText#" type="error">    <action id="CompareVersion">      <arg name="maxVersion" value=""/>      <arg name="minVersion" value="6.0"/>      <arg name="VersionNeedToCompare" value="[$os.version]"/>      <arg name="Property" value="Windows2008Above"/>      <arg name="AllowedSuffix" value="Server"/>    </action>    <condition property="Windows2008Above" value="1"/>  </prerequisite>

You need to replace "Server" by "Workstation" and it will works.